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Guide for doctoral program

Those people who have a Master degree and who desire to achieve higher level of education get into the doctoral program. Primary school, secondary school, high school – bachelor and master studies – they are similar to that type of studies where studying is based on lecture listening and knowledge summarizing. Research paper in secondary school and thesis in high school indicates the style of work what will be in doctoral program. There could be a doctoral program, where is no need to listen any lecture, but there need to pass an exam in specialty and in English. Basic time should be given for development of research paper.

The person, who has got best grades earlier, now he can be confused, because those persons, who have more valuable publications and those, who have made certain calculations, measurements and offered new ideas – those leads in doctoral program. The person has to learn to acquire, interpret and present his research results in doctoral program. It seems to be the hardest part. Although each doctoral student has his advisor, who indicates the direction of research, helps to work, he rather compensate the fact that PhD student is not fully able to define his ideas and work independently. At the more optimistic forecasts a person who spent in a doctoral program for 3 to 5 years should be able conduct their own research independently. Obtain of such quality as the ability to work all the time – it is the aim of PhD student.

Guide for doctoral program in Latvian summarize the information about doctoral program in Latvia.

Handbook for supervisors of doctoral candidates from EURODOC`s SuperProfDoc project. The handbook is based on insights from practice and research into the work of supervisors across Europe [pdf].

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