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Membership fee

The minimum membership fee is EUR 12 per year. The payment deadline of the membership fee is the 1st of February for the current year. The amount of the membership fee was determined by the decision of the general meeting on 24 March 2018.

In order not to forget the payment, we recommend to set the automatic payment of the fee or to pay the membership fee in advance for several years.

Bank details of ALYS:

Bank: a/s Swedbank
Recipient: Latvijas Jauno zinātnieku apvienība
Reg. No.: 40008097922
Account: LV30HABA0551014759773
Amount: 12 EUR
For: Membership fee

Association of Latvian Young Scientists
Reg. nr. 40008097922 | Address: Akadēmijas laukums 1, Rīga, LV-1050 | e-mail: | T. +371 29231185 | Account: A/S SwedBank LV30HABA0551014759773
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