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There are more than 185 members in board of ALYS (year 2020) and its number is increasing. The majority of them are PhD students and the number of science doctors has significant increased. ALYS admits candidates for masters and for bachelor degrees. The main criterion to become a member of ALYS is an interest in science and willingness to participate in the activities organized by ALYS.

ALYS platform attracts young scientists from all areas. There are represented natural sciences as well as social sciences and humanities.

ALYS members’ interests are very different. Someone wants to find new like-minded friends in summer camps, others gain new practical knowledge in seminars organized by ALYS, while others are seriously involved in work group of science politics or debate on current events on economics.

ALYS in some way has become a trade union. There have established ALYS Ethics Commission to deal with the problems, which can be appeared in conflict with prospective researcher and his facilitator or even institutions.

Association of Latvian Young Scientists
Reg. nr. 40008097922 | Address: Akadēmijas laukums 1, Rīga, LV-1050 | e-mail: | T. +371 29231185 | Account: A/S SwedBank LV30HABA0551014759773
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