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Antra Boča, chair

Researcher at Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies. In 2017 was awarded a PhD in ecology from Utah State University. Research interests include element and matter cycling in soil, the effect of climate, vegetation and humans on soil development, and the effect of soil management on water quality.

As a board member wants to continue the association’s involvement in science policy development of Latvia with the goal to increase openness, academic integrity and international competitiveness of Latvia’s science environment.


Eduards Baķis

Eduards Baķis

Post-doctoral fellow at the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Latvia, lecturer at the University of Latvia and Riga Stradins university. On 2019 obtained his PhD from Imperial College London, UK. Research interests: sustainable chemical processes, alternative solvents, physical-organic chemistry of Ionic Liquids.

While on the board, Eduards wants to promote science communication within the society and youth, as well as back the evidence-based policy-making and critical thinking in everyday life.


Ilze Elbere

Ilze Elbere

Researcher and Head of the Student Council at the Latvian Biomedical Research Study Centre, PhD candidate in molecular biology at the University of Latvia. Research interests: research of the human microbiome, mainly in connection with type 2 diabetes and its treatment, as well as exploration of the mechanisms of interaction between the microbiome and the host.

By joining the ALYS board, Ilze wants to contribute to the promotion of communication and cooperation between scientists in various research institutions, as well as to the development and strengthening of high-quality science communication with society in Latvia.

Matīss Reinfelds

Has completed his MSc studies at the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Latvia, and in 2018 received his PhD in natural sciences from Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Research interests: light in chemical processes and energy production.

As a member of the Board, he would like to strengthen the diaspora's cooperation with Latvian institutions, participate in the development of Latvian science policy, and improve communication between scientists and the public.


Liene Spruženiece

Microanalyst at the University of Glasgow, manages an electron microscopy facility "ISAAC". In 2017 she obtained her PhD degree in geosciences from the Macquarie University in Australia, which was followed by 3 years of postdocs in the UK and Germany.

Research interests: tectonic processes and chemical reactions in the Earth crust, electron microscopy.

As a board member of ALYS Liene wants to focus on the skills development and community building of the Early Career Scientists in Latvia. She also takes part in the ALYS politics work group at initiatives that aims to create a more open, inclusive, and internationally competitive academic system in Latvia.

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