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About ALYS

Association of Latvian Young Scientists for their primary course of action considers favourable evaluation, incentives and financial support of Latvian academic families scientific activities. ALYS tries to cover the whole Latvian territory and, thanks to intense international scientific cooperation, far beyond our national borders reaches it's implemented projects. ALYS is active bringing together doctoral students and other young Latvian scientists by organizing scientific and social events that promote contacts and cooperation among scientists. A number of projects has been implemented with a support from Borisa and Ināras Teterevu Fund, within which the scientist prestige of the profesion in Latvian young people are significantly elevated. Young people are motivated to choose scientific careers and to study. Also, has been raised an issue about science place in Latvian society through the public about the project activities. We have also developed guidelines for scientific institutions evaluation of research programs, actively engaged in post-doctoral and the group of Cabinet of Ministers Regulations development grant, also organised Forum for future scientists and Science brunches. We have popularized the science of social network page in Facebook and made a number of other science-appropriate activities. At the moment as our goal we are setting Latvian Young Scientists activation, because all the necessary incorporation and organization capacity is higher than ever. We want that the voice of young scientists is heard in society, bringing important ideas in country’s development, integrating different sectors of society and bringing us closer to foundation of a knowledge based society.

ALYS by-laws (English translation)

ALYS history

In the January of 2005there was an idea of need for an organization that would bring together young scientists and would help to solve their problems. Inese Sviestiņa and Jānis Jaško started to work on establishment of association of Latvian doctoral candidates thanks to head of academy of Estonian young scientists. After several meetings with other activists it was decided to build wider organization called Association of Latvian Young Scientists, which would bring together master and doctoral students, who are actively engaged in research activities.

ALYS founding meeting took place in 8th December, 2005, attended by 24 young scientists. Association has been registered in 19th January, 2006 in Latvian Register and get registration number 40008097922. Since this moment ALYS is an official doctoral candidates and young scientist’s organization in Latvia. It active engages in dialogue with universities and public institutions about young scientist’s problems in Latvia.

ALYS has admitted in Eurodoc (European Council of doctoral candidates and young researchers) and become WAYS (World Academy of Young Scientists) regional organization in Latvia.

Status of public benefit organization

ALYS got a status of public benefit organization at the end of 2006. It allows getting tax relief to our contributors.

ALYS logo

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Association of Latvian Young Scientists
Reg. nr. 40008097922 | Address: Akadēmijas laukums 1, Rīga, LV-1050 | e-mail: | T. +371 29231185 | Account: A/S SwedBank LV30HABA0551014759773
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