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How to become a member

In order to become a member of ALYS, one has to get acquainted with the statutes of the organization. If you agree with the goals of ALYS and are ready to take up responsibilities as a member as well as to pay membership fee, you should fill in the application where the information about yourself is given – previous education, scientific interests and the way you would like to get involved in the activities of ALYS. This information will be accessible to other members of ALYS too.

The submitted application with the expressed will to become a member of ALYS will be considered by the Board during the nearest meeting (within one month according to Statutes) and the decision will be subsequently informed. We can encourage – there has not been a case when the membership was refused. The main criterion – the interest in science and will to collaborate regardless of age and previous education.

Registration steps:

  • Fill in the application form;
  • Create the file following this pattern: surname_first name_year of application (for instance, Smith_John_2016);
  • Sign it:
    • Your electronic signature is certainly valid;
    • Should you wish to sign in the hard copy, then kindly print the filled application form out, sign it and scan it as PDF file;
  • Send the filled and signed application to e-mail address
    • In case you signed a soft copy with electronic signature, then it is sufficient to send as file (EDOC or PDF);
    • In case you signed the hard copy of the application, then kindly send it both DOCX or ODT file, and scanned PDF file.

By joining the association, the membership fee has to be paid for the current year. At the beginning of each year, till February 1st the membership fee has to be paid for the current year. In order to not forget the payment, we kindly invite to use the option of automatic bank transaction or to pay the membership fee in advance a few years ahead. The structure of membership fee.

In case your membership fee is paid by a legal entity, request the invoice till January 15th in writing by e-mail

Bank details of ALYS:

Bank: a/s Swedbank
Recipient: Latvijas Jauno zinātnieku apvienība
Reg. No.: 40008097922
Account: LV30HABA0551014759773
Amount: 12 EUR
For: Membership fee

Association of Latvian Young Scientists
Reg. nr. 40008097922 | Address: Akadēmijas lauk. 1, Rīga, LV-1050 | e-mail: | T. +371 29175753 | Account: A/S SwedBank LV30HABA0551014759773
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