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Kristaps Jaudzems

Kristaps Jaudzems, chairman

Leading Researcher and Head of Laboratory at the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis as well as Associate Professor at the University of Latvia. Obtained experience at The Scripps Research Institute (USA), Lyon Centre for High-Field NMR (France) and Australian National University. Uses nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to investigate the mechanisms of action of drug compounds and structure-function-property relationships of spider silk proteins, with the aim to create novel drug candidates or new biomaterials.

Member of ALYS since 2015. As member of the ALYS Policy workgroup has been involved in the preparation and presentation of several policy initiatives of the association. The main goals in the board – to increase the impact of ALYS in the science policy making in Latvia, to promote cooperation between young scientists through the organization of networking activities.

Eduards Baķis

Eduards Baķis

Post-doctoral fellow at the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Latvia, lecturer at the University of Latvia and Riga Stradins university. On 2019 obtained his PhD from Imperial College London, UK. Research interests: sustainable chemical processes, alternative solvents, physical-organic chemistry of Ionic Liquids.

While on the board, Eduards wants to promote science communication within the society and youth, as well as back the evidence-based policy-making and critical thinking in everyday life.


Laura Bužinska

Laura Bužinska

PHD student in pedagogy. Interested in diaspora, integration and migration questions.

Active in organisation since 2016. In the summer of 2017 established the FB group “Grupa doktorantiem” with the aim to bringing together PHD students from different backgrounds to share experience and gain support. In March 2019 the group brings together more than 300 PHD students and those who have already gained their degree. Laura also started to organise gatherings of new scientists to create a space for sharing burning questions.

In ALYS she has previously been active in the Advisory Board. While on board she wants to facilitate networking between scientists living in Latvia and abroad.

Miķeļis Grīviņš

Miķelis Grīviņš

Researcher at Baltic Studies Centre, chair of Latvian Sociological Association, an elected member of Committee of Experts of the Latvian Council of Science. On 2013 obtained his PhD in sociology from University of Latvia. Research interests: rural development, food supply, wild products, innovations, research methods.

As a member of the ALYS, I want to facilitate science communication – both in terms of developing materials supporting Latvian scientific community and in terms of encouraging science communication in general. I am also planning to engage in policy workgroup and to strengthen the networking of researchers.


Kārlis Pleiko

Kārlis Pleiko

Currently a PhD student studying molecular biology at University of Latvia. Since 2017 works at the University of Latvia, Faculty of Medicine as Scientific Assistant, previously worked four years in pharmaceutical manufacturing company as Product Development Specialist. ALYS member since 2017. Professional interest relates to development of targeted therapies for oncological diseases. Research topic is selection of aptamers (short single stranded oligonucleotides that bind their target protein similar to antibodies) using in vitro cell cultures to isolate aptamers that target cancer cells without harm to healthy adjacent cells.

By joining ALYS wants to engage in issues related to science policy making. The main thing I would like to achieve with my activity at ALYS is to promote the transfer of good practice between scientific institutions in Latvia and also from internationally highly regarded scientific institutions.

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